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PhysiX Physical modelling VST instrument - freeware

This VST plugin does true physical modelling using the nodes and mass modell.
It simulates up to 64 nodes per voice and also true physical intermodulation coupling (one swinging wave affects the behaviour of the others).


- unique sound
- 23 different node and mass models
- 11 different excitement modes
- 2 wave coupling modes

PhysiX VST plugin v 1.0 (Win9x) download

SpectriX vst exciter plugin - freeware

SpectriX is a high-end VST insert effect Plugin for mastering songs. It simply enhances treble. It can also be use to reconstuct high frequencies on MP3 files and tape recordings which are lost due to high compression rates.

Most exciters work well on monophonic material. On polyphonic material they create intermodulation-distortion which is audible as “frizzle-noise” and treble “bursts”.
Spectrix if different - it works excellent will all kind of audio material: Speech, monophonic sounds and complex polyphonic mixes and does 100% sample exact processing.

SpectriX VST plugin v 1.1 (Win9x) download

processed with SpectriX.mp3

Filterbank vst effect plugin - freeware

This is your software 'Filterbank + more' for free


- 16 different analogue sounding filter types
- Asymmetric filtering (303 like)
- Filters parallel or serial
- Multitap surround delay
- Infinite recursive feedback delays!
- Routable Envelope followers
- Syncable, routable LFOs with 17 shapes
- BPM sync to host
- Presets incuded

the new version is available here

Sourround encode vst effect plugins - freeware

A free package for dolby prologic / dolby prologic II surround encoding.
Use this plugins to give more depth to your stereo recordings and make them surround compatible!


- Surround echo
- 360 degee surround pan
- Surround encode

Surround encode package v 1.0 (Win9x) download