Feilei's G15 babes screensaver:

What is it?

A screensaver for the LCD display of your Logitech G15 keyboard. It displays naked babes.


Unzip and place all files into one fowlder on your harddisc.
Feilei's G15 babes will automatically appear in your Logitech G-series Keyboard profiler.

Runing G15 Babes:

Simply double click on G15 babes.exe

Written by Markus Feil in 2006 (c)
This files are free for distribution.


Sourcecode for a simple debugger in C++ for the Logitech G15 LCD display
It does brute-force overlay to front


inlucde LCD_debug.h to your project
call debug_float (float value , line number);
or call debug_long (long value , line number);
or call debug_string(char string[], line number);

Files needed:
Source code for including : LCD_debug.h
The Bitmap raw mode fonts in the same directory : rawfont.raw
For compiling in the same directory : lgLcd.lib

Other files:
A compiled sample application: debugger.exe
Source code for the sample applictaion: simple.cpp

Written by Markus Feil 2006 (c)
This source is free for distribution

ADD.EXE/ADD.PAS : Rotates&zooms&shades a fullscreen bitmap by 360 degreess
AND.EXE/AND.PAS : Rotates&zooms&links a fullscreen bitmap by 360 degreess
BITMAP.EXE/BITMAP.PAS : Routines for a rotating Bitmap
FIRE2.EXE/FIRE.PAS : A realtime fullscreen fire
GOURAD.EXE/GOURAD.PAS : Routines for a rotating Bitmap with gourad shading
KUGEL.EXE/KUGEL.PAS : A bitmap raycastet to a sphere in realtime!
LABY.EXE/LABY.PAS : Generates a labyrinth
LABYROLL.EXE/LABYROLL.PAS : Generates a labyrinth for role-playing games
POINTS.EXE/POINTS.PAS : 3D vector routines
TUNNEL.EXE/TUNNEL.PAS : 3D Tunnel routines on realtime plasma
VOX.EXE/VOX.PAS : Voxelspace
XOR.EXE/XOR.PAS : Rotates&zooms&links a fullscreen bitmap by 360 degreess
XOR3D.EXE/XOR3D.PAS : Fullscreen Paralax scrolling & zooming

(c) Markus Feil 1990-1999

APFEL.EXE/APFEL.PAS : An animated realtime mandelbrot fractal
JULIA.EXE/JULIA.PAS : An animated realtime julia fractal
NEWTON.EXE/NEWTON.PAS : An animated realtime newton fractal

(c) Markus Feil 2001

Sourcecode for All Sound Tracker final - the best tracker for AWE cards
AST is a dos tracker for AWE32/AWE64 cards with EMU8000 chipset.
Supports OPL3 FM, MPU401 Midi out/input, AWE hardware and beeper.
Can load samples into soundcard RAM. Direct hardware low-level code

(c) Patrice Bouchard, Markus Feil and Alex Sidow 1996-2000

FIR filter routines: 5BandEQ, 10BandEQ using just one filter; Vocoder

(c) Max Berghammer and Markus Feil 1994

Note: You are allowed to spread, copy and modyfy the sourcodes freely. If you want to use them in commercial products you have to ask me for permission.

All Sound Tracker 1.62 final - freeware



- 32 Channels
- Support of EMU8k, MPU401 (midi) In/Output, OPL3/FM and PC-Honker
- programm and use your AWE-card like an professianal sampler (like AKAi...) with the advantage of an integrated pattern-based sequencer.
- Direct hardware control about Filters, LFOs, Envelopes, Reverb and Chorus effects - Very fast Midi timing. Extremely low latency
- More than 40!!! different effects, even 16 Pitchshifters possible in realtime
- Groove and shuffle effects for every channel
- Dynamic track allocation
- High quality, fast and intelligent player-routines (sends only real necessary midi data)
- Use AWE-Rom samples or load *.wav's / FT2 *.xi's into the AWE-Ram (or load anything you want)
- User defineable font and colour style

System Requirements:

- Any 486 IBM compatible machine with at least 40 MHz and 1024kB RAM / 1 MB Hdd-space (prolly even less)
- DOS 6.2 or Win9x (no Windows2000)
- any SB compatible soundcard for OPL/FM and MIDI output
- an SB-AWE32 / 64 compatible soundcard with RAM onboard for using all the features

(c) Patrice Bouchard, Markus Feil and Alex Sidow 1996-2000