Welcome to Obertone Audio

News: Tone2.com is online. This will be the place where future non-refx-audiosoftware will be released.
News: Byte4.com is online. This is for general software development.

Here you can download over 300 MB Freeware! All stuff is provided 'as it is' - since it is for free there is no support.

- 610 tuned high quality audio samples
- 702 synth patches
- 22 high quality mp3 songs
- 22 sourcecodes
- 5 VST effects/ VST instruments

Visit Tone2.com audiosoftware ...... please support my work by buying one of our professional products from Tone2 www.tone2.com

Contact information

Email ...... for questiones, suggestiones and comments you can contact Markus Feil from Obertone and Tone2 in private by email


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